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New Fave: Ilamasaqua Cream Pigment in Hollow

Friday, 27 September 2013

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Illamasqua are one of my favourite brands. It excels at doing different, interesting products for all different types of skin. One of my most beloved Illamasqua products is the Cream Pigment in Hollow, a product that every pale skinned girl should have in her collection.

Hollow is a cream, matte formula that is crease resistant, very smooth and creamy. It can be used all over the face as a contour, base for eye shadow etc. It is water resistant so could be used for oilier skin and stays put once applied. It comes in an small 8g pot with the simple black Illamasqua packaging. It is priced at around €20 from the Illasmasqua website.

I use Hollow as a contour for my face and apply it using the Real Techniques Expert Face brush. The colour is a medium, muddy brown that really suits a paler skin as it has no orange brown colour that can look so harsh. Blending is very simple and I never feel self-conscious about whether my face looks crazy orange.  It has a lovely texture and feels very comfortable on the face. I would repurchase this product over and over again. It really does provide the perfect, subtle contour.