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Skincare Update: Hydraluron

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Hydraluron is the apparent must have skincare product for every beauty lover. It is a product which contains hyaluronic acid which seemingly is an acid that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in moisture. With continual use under your everyday moisturiser, Hydraluron is meant to increase the effects of your moisturiser and general make your skin bloody awesome! But does it actually work?
Hydraluron comes in a small 6mm tube with not particularly glamorous but reassuringly “I’m a sciencey product” packaging which I quiet like for a skincare product. You apply it just before you put on your moisturiser and you only need a small amount of the serum for the whole face. It is priced at around €30 euro and can be got in most Boots stores.

I do have normal to dry skin and Hydraluron definitely helped with my skin. After a week’s use I found my skin feeling less tight and generally smoother. It really does provide that extra moisture that my dehydrated skin needs. Using before applying my make-up, I feel has helped my foundation sit on my face better. I no longer have dry patches and don’t have the tight, uncomfortable, get my make-up off my face feeling I previously would have. It’s a great little beauty buy, that will last a long time and really helps my skin just feel really healthy.