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Favourites #01: October

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

october favourites

Its the end of the month so I decided to do a little rundown of the products I've been consistently using this month and why I think they are so darn awesome!

bourjois healthy mix concealer

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer is a concealer that I picked up a long time ago and to be honest tried it a couple of times and then discarded it. But recently, I found that my eye make-up had been smudging with my old concealer, so I decided to give this a second look and I'm very happy with the results! I used this in my Make-up of the Day post and I find that its a really trustworthy concealer that won't smudge my make-up, offers pretty good coverage and will last a few hours, at a decent price too.

nuxe reve de miel

Nuxe Reve De Miel is a product I dedicated a whole post to and I love this lip balm so much. Coming into winter my lips really suffer and his soothes them like no other. It smells delicious and I really feel like it's protecting and nourishing my lips. I've been hearing great things about By Terry Baume De Rose and was considering testing it out but I can't see how it could beat my lovely Nuxe. Any opinions? Listen to me rave about it more here if you like.

l'oreal superliner maybelline master precise liner

Black Pen Eyeliner is something that I wore in my teens but I haven't  reached for it in a long time. I always assumed it was too harsh to wear everyday but I've been trying it out by placing it very close to my lashes to create depth and to thicken. I have been using a Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner for a close to the lashes look and L'Oreal SuperLiner Gel for a more pronounced liner look. I recently also purchased the new Rimmel fine liner, as seen in my haul, so I'll be excited to see if it works out.

bath and body works espresso candle

My final favourite is a Bath and Body Works Candle I bought quiet some time ago while I was in New York. The scent is Espresso Bar and until recently I had barely burned it. Coming into the cold weather though, I have really warmed to this scent. It fills my flat with a gorgeous, rich coffee scent, I feel like I'm in a fancy cafe in Paris. This candle and the soundtrack to Amelie, oh a girl can dream... ... ...