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Review: Benefit They're Real

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

benefit they're real

Benefit They're Real, its ubiquitous. I seem to not be able to escape this mascara. I've received numerous free little samples so I guess I have to review it.

Advertised as the mascara beyond belief that does it all for your eyelashes, it no wonder this mascara is so popular right now. The product has a rather large, spiked wand and the packaging is quiet simple considering its Benefit, makers of rather crazy, often tacky packaging. The mascara retails for €26 but in Boots its usually on offer.

Now I like and dislike this mascara. It does give length and thicken my eyelashes and the brush coats my lashes very easily. The formula does work and my lashes do look pretty good with this stuff on.

However, getting this stuff off can be quite annoying. I am not a big waterproof mascara fan and although this isn't a waterproof mascara, the formula is so dry that it takes a good scrub to get it off. Compared to some of my favourite lower priced mascara also I cannot justify the price. I love Maybellines Volum' Express and and The Rocket, which I think give similar effects, are easier to get off and are a fraction of the price. So Benefit They're Real your good but I've seen better.