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Review: Clinque Bottom Lash Mascara

Thursday, 3 October 2013

clinque bottom lash mascara

Clinque Bottom Lash Mascara is a product I've hummed and hawed about purchasing. The idea of a mascara just for your bottom lashes intrigues me but I feel maybe its a unnecessary purchase. But I decided to bite the bullet and finally answer whether its a must have for a make-up collection.

The mascara is in a tiny little tube, with an equally petite wand. The packaging is a simple silver with a flower embossing which I think is simple and classic. I purchased mine on a trip to New York and it was only $10 which is quite the bargain compared to over on this side of the Atlantic where you can purchase it for around €16.

With the claim to to be smudge proof and long lasting while adding length to your bottom lashes, I was expecting this to do amazing things and it kinda does! The wand is so perfect for applying mascara to small bottom lashes. It coats all of your lashes so easily and precisely, I've never seen my bottom lashes look better. Not one smudge occurred under my eyes while wearing it too!

Now it think this stuff works but I'm still not sure if I'd repurchase. I don't tend to wear mascara on my bottom lashes that often and when rushing to get out the door in the morning I wouldn't be bothered with the extra step. Only on special occasions, or evenings out do I see myself cracking this mascara out and popping it on. So... is it a good make-up product? Absolutely. But is it a must have? I'm not sure.