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Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser

Thursday, 21 November 2013

avene gentle gel cleanser

Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser is one that I have heard some good things about. Before purchasing this I had never used a gel cleanser and like everybody else on the internet, I have been fangirling over balm cleansers (Ren being my particular favourite). But I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone and see if the Avene Gentle Cleanser really works.

Priced at around €15, I purchased mine at a local pharmacy but they are available in Boots. The packaging is the typical simple white and orange Avene with 200ml of product, which while adequate isn't exactly the most luxurious looking.

Avene are aimed at sensitive skin and this cleanser is said to be mild while removing make-up with ease. It says it leaves the skin enriched and prevents dryness. I rubbed the cleanser into my skin and removed it with a damp flannel.

Being for sensitive skin, I would expect no scent but Avene always have a very strong perfume scent. I find this kind of ironic and not very appealing. The gel itself is pleasant though to rub into the skin. It melts away and does remove most make-up with ease. Mascara and eyeliner required a little man power but it did leave my skin clean.

One downfall is also that it burned my eyes, perhaps the biggest no-no for a cleanser. It wasn't extreme but I definitely did not feel comfortable rubbing around my eyes due to fear of pain! My skin also felt tight after use and in need of instant moisture and although I do have normal to slightly dry skin, this seemed too stripping for me.

I don't think I will be repurchasing or even finishing my bottle of the Avene Gentle Cleanser. It just simple didn't work for me. I am returning to my beloved cleansing balms and I am thinking of trying The Body Shops version next. Any opinions?