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Breaking The Beauty Rules: Are You An Offender?!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

breaking the rules

Now we all know what beauty rules we are suppose to follow but I must admit I am quite naughty and don't always adhere to what I should do. Reasons why? Well time-saving, habit and gosh darn laziness! So I'm writing this confession in hopes to atone.

breaking the rules

No.1: Morning Skincare Routine

I have a morning skincare routine but do I always use it? Well no. Some days I just am in such a rush that a quick moisturise is all that I can do. I know its bad and my skin probably does suffer from it so I will try to make it a priority. Funny though, I'm never in too much a hurry to forget my make-up. I wonder why?

breaking the rules

No. 2 Giving My Nails A Break

For healthy nails, it is suggested to take a break between applying nail polish. I do not. Although I do give my nails a week long break from polish every now and then, I do continuously apply polish straight after I've taken off my last one. This one I don't see myself changing for. I like nail polish too much.

breaking the rules

No.3 Hair Heat Protection Spray 

Now this one, I am getting better at. I use Tresemme's Heat Defense spray. The rare occasion though I just plain forget and blow dry my hair without using it. Its such an easy step to miss.

I'm sure I do numerous other beauty no-nos all the time but I'm not afraid to admit my wrong doings. Any bad habits that you do?