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Nails of the Day: Max Factor Mini Nail Polish

Sunday, 3 November 2013

max factor mini nail polish

I'm breaking out of my comfort zone. Crazy nails here I come!

I have a few bright verging on just plain obnoxious nail polishes in my collection that I honestly never wear. I don't know why I buy them but somehow they end up in there. So I decided to try out some on my nails instead of my typical reserved grown up nails to see if I can rock the wild nail look.

I paired up three bold colours from Max Factors Mini Nail Polish. On my thumb is Cactus Green, a very loud green. My index and middle finger I am wearing a very bright pink called Lollipop and my final two nails Candy Blue. I know these colours aren't for everyone, especially the green, but it's fun to give them a try, be a kid again every once in a while.

P.S. This lasted about half a day before I took it off. I guess I'm not fun!