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Review: Catrice Absolute Nude Eye Shadow Palette

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Every brand seems to be throwing themselves in the nude palette mix. From the ultra luxury to the bargain brands, nude palettes are the thing to do. Catrice Absolute Nude Eye Shadow palette has to be the biggest bargain of the lot. Lets see how it measures up.

Catrice is a brand I see regularly at local pharmacies but I have never used their products. My sister, on the other hand is a bargain lover and when I saw she owned this palette I was intrigued. Priced at only €5.49, it comes with six shades, all variations of the typical nude colours we've come to expect in a nude palette.

catrice absolute nude eyeshadow palette

The colours are said to be a mix of mattes and shimmer but I have say they are all very shimmery. They are actually a little too glittery for me, which I found disappointing. All the colours do have adequate pigmentation, although they aren't the most bold colours when swatched. Also, the eye shadows are very powdery and even though alright to blend, there was a lot of fall down on to my face.

Considering the price, I think this is a decent product but not something to rival the more expensive nude palettes. I think it would make a great product for make-up newbies or just people who want to experiment but will it be taking the position of my Naked 2 palette? Definitely not.