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Review: Maybelline Mascara

Sunday, 17 November 2013

 maybelline mascara
Maybelline are perhaps the champions of drugstore mascara. I personally choose Maybelline above all the rest. While The Rocket has been getting all of the buzz lately, I have decided to compare it to a Maybelline mascara I have been loving lately, The Colossal to see which one comes out on top.

First off, both have pretty similar packaging, with the exception of colouring. The Rocket, in the blue tube, does retail for slightly more expensive at €11.99 and The Colossal, in the yellow tube, at €9.99. Also, even though both packaging does look identical you get more product in The Colossal at 10.7ml compared to The Rockets 9.6ml.

maybelline mascara

The Colossal has a much more traditional bristle brush compared to The Rocket which has a unusual plastic brush which I find interesting but I personally prefer the brush on The Colossal. It got between my lashes more as it has longer bristles.

maybelline mascara

Both claim to give mega-volume without clumps and I found both did not leave my lashes clumpy even after multiple coats. They both offered great volume also, although neither are particularly lengthening. My lashes looked very thick and dense. However, The Colossal provided one thing that The Rocket didn't, hold a curl. I found my lashes looked so much more curled with The Colossal, which I love as it opens my eyes and makes me look much more fresh faced.

The Colossal also didn't smudge under my eyes too which The Rocket did. I have a hard time with this with most mascaras as I have very watery eyes but the Colossal held strong. Something I am very impressed with.

While The Rocket is far from a bad mascara, it is no match in my mind for The Colossal. Lower price, better curl, no smudging. its hard to beat. Any Maybelline mascaras you think are worth testing out over The Colossal?