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What's In My New Handbag?

Saturday, 2 November 2013

asos bag

Those ASOS sales again! This time I bought myself a very lovely handbag for what I consider a steal. Reduced to only €22, I couldn't resist the ASOS Metal Keeper Handheld Bag. I thought I'd do a whats in my new bag post before it becomes incredibly cluttered!

asos bag

Firstly, let me say I don't like to keep my more pricey beauty products in my handbag because they inevitably get lost or someone borrows something and I never see it again or I just forget I have it in my handbag and freak out that I may have lost it! So I tend to keep my more budget products in my handbag so I don't mind if any of the above instances happens.

My hand cream of choice for taking out of the house is the Dove Essential Nourishment Hand Cream and I really love this stuff! I've tried more expensive hand creams and this I believe is as good as them. Sure it smells like an old lady but it keeps my hands moisturised in the cold winter months.

Also for hands is something I got for free off my boyfriend. He get lots of free hand sanitisers as he is involved in the medical profession so I usually just rob one, throw it in my bag for when I'm riding the tram and won't get to wash my hands for a while.

Lip balm is Nivea Essential Care, not a lip balm I love but considering I lose lip balms at least once every two weeks, I throw a nice cheap one in my bag just in case I'm in a chapped lips emergency.

Make-up wise I like to travel light on a day to day basis. Usually a bit of concealer, I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up in the lightest shade. My under eye concealer usually doesn't make it through the day so this is a nice one for touch-ups. Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Honey is perhaps the most perfect handbag lip product. Its nourishing, the top won't come undone and smoosh all over everything and they are so easy to apply a mirror isn't needed. I really love it.

And here is the rest, Wallet from TK Maxx, its nice and big and I've had it for ages! Hair tie and umbrella, because the irish wind and rain always gets the better of my hair. Keys, well cos I have to get into my house!