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Favourtes #03: December

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Its the end of the year and the month of December has been packed full of social engagements, stressful work and college deadlines and Christmas shopping. With all of these crazy occasions going on I have been using a lot of beauty products so here are my favourites.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter & Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

Lets begin with The Body Shop Cleansers I bought and loved. I gave these a rave review (Here) at the start of the month and have continued to love them ever since. They are reasonably priced and leave my skin feeling fresh and nourished. Plus I love the packaging as it reminds me of sunny spring, something I am looking forward to as the weather right now is awful.

Eyeko Lash Curlers

I also wrote a review of the Eyeko Lash Curlers (Here) and thought they were really great. I love how they look with the navy blue velvet handles and they provide a great curl.

This mascara I reviewed (Here)and although I liked it, I was smitten. To be honest I thought it was kind of a novelty. However,  have been busting this out over the party season and loving how it looks. It doesn't smudge and gives me amazing bottom lashes. Its become a favourite of mine. 

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm

I have often declared my love for this product (Here) but I have needed this more than ever this month. Strong winds and harsh weather have really effected my lips and they are remarkably dry and flakey. I wear this throughout the day if I am outside and it acts as a barrier to help protect. Also I slather it on over night to provide extra nourishment. It is the only lip balm that truly works for me and I love it. Also its on sale on Feel Unique so you can get it for a pretty good price.

Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner in Dark Brown

This is a great eyeliner. I stays on all night, the colour is a perfect rich chocolate brown and its inexpensive. I am really impressed with all of Maybelline's Master Drama line as all of the eyeliners I've tried have been really good quality but this one s my favourite. I have been wearing it non stop for a little bit of definition and smokiness around my eyes without the harshness of a black liner.

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