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Review: Eyeko Eyelash Curlers

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

eyeko lash curlers

I was in the market for new eyelash curlers as my previous one had gotten a little grubby. While perusing the internet I saw Eyeko Lash Curlers on ASOS and considering I really liked my previous Eyeko purchases, I decided to try this one out.

I got mine from ASOS with 20% off. originally priced at around €17 it was a good deal. I must admit I was drawn to these curlers due to the navy blue velvet handle. Navy is my favourite colour and I thought this was beautiful and a bit glitzier that plain silver curlers.

But that lovely look doesn't mean anything without delivering uber curled lashes. So does it work? I think so. They are very well shaped so they fit into my eyes perfectly and didn't pinch. The curl was pretty fabulous also. My lashes looked really curled and gave me the wide eyed look I wanted.

I love the Eyeko Lash Curler. They were reasonably priced, look beautiful and delivered on the curl. I am however a little disappointed as I have seen Shu Uemura's new lash curlers and they look amazing. I perhaps would have gone for those if I'd seen them before purchasing the Eyeko ones but nonetheless I'm happy with these.

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