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Review: No.7 Intense Volume Mascara

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Boots have amazing offers on No. 7. Their vouchers for €6.50 off a No. 7 product always pull me in. I recently purchased the No. 7 Intense Volume mascara on a whim with a voucher. Hoping to get enviable, fluttery eyelashes, I put this mascara to the test.

Originally priced at €12.25, I purchased the No. 7 Intense Volume mascara in my local Boots for an amazing price of €5.75. I must admit I usually don't buy No.7 unless I am given a voucher as I don't have any attachment to any of their products. The mascara has pretty simplistic black packaging  which is not the most exciting. It has a classic, medium sized bristle wand.

The mascara claims to visibly build volume with perfect separation for lusher lashes. I have to admit I don't think it offers this. Even after lashing of coats, my lashes looked quite natural and not at all voluminous. It gave a natural, daytime lash look but full party lashes, it did not. This is rather disappointing as the name Intense Volume would suggest otherwise.The formula was very wet. I prefer a more gel like mascara formula as this took a while to dry on my lashes. It did not smudge though once dried which is a plus for me.

Would I buy this again? Unfortunately not. Instead of Intense Volume, this mascara gives natural lashes which was not what I wanted. This mascara offers nothing innovative or different. The packaging, the wand, the formula all were rather unimaginative. I have read good things about other No. 7 mascara though. Has anyone any recommendations?

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