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Review: Sally Hansen Maximum Strenght

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

OPI Nail Envy have has a monopoly on the nail strengthening market for a while now. Having used it, I didn't find it particularly effective so I'm branching out to Sally Hansen Maximum Strength to see if I can have strong, long nails.

I've long suffered from having brittle, cracked, easily broken nails. I have found it difficult to find a strengthening formula that truly works. I have turned to Sally Hansen Maximum Strength to try and help with this problem. Costing around €8 and available in pharmacies and some grocery stores, this polish is to be used as a base coat. It is recommended to be applied every other day and claims to make a difference in just one week.

First the pros. It is a good base coat. While wearing it underneath my nail polish my nails definitely felt stronger and did not break or split which I am very happy with. However, when I would leave my nails with no polish and without this on them, they still felt weak. The formula seems to only work while wearing it and does nothing to strengthen your nails overall.

I am conflicted about the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength. I believe it did help a small amount but it definitely didn't strengthen my nails as much as I expected and it definitely didn't work in one week! Sadly, I must continue to look for the perfect nail strengthener. Any suggestions?

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