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Seaside Day

Sunday, 1 December 2013

 So I went to the seaside when it was 4 degrees out! Overall though, it was a lovely day so here are some pictures of my lazy day at the seaside.

We went for a walk along Dun Laoghaire pier which is really pretty. I haven't been there in years and was surprised by how nice the area was. Even though it was cold, the sun was shining making it all the prettier.

To warm up our cold hands we went to Costa which had a lovely view over the town and had some tasty coffee and chocolate and raspberry cake. My boyfriend tried their Christmas orange chocolate latte and loved it while I stuck with a Americano. 

A home ware store along the coast called Meadow and Byrne drew me in as it had really pretty Christmas decorations. I love looking at Christmas decorations as I have never put one up in my flat before and this year I was planning on doing so. It gave me inspiration for what I should do. It was such a nice, chilled day.

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