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Denman Hair Brush

Thursday, 20 February 2014

A good hairbrush is an essential beauty tool but an often ignored one. I have been unimpressed with my previous hairbrushes so I decided to test out the Denman Large Paddle brush to see if it could tame my tresses.

Like many a girl when the blogging world began coveting the Tangle Teaser I jumped on board and bought one. However, sadly I really did not like the tangle teaser. Having thick, curly hair I found it ineffective and the lack of a handle was incredibly irritating. I found some reviews recommending the Denman Large Paddle Brush and for only €11.50 I though it might help me escape from my hairbrush frustrations.

The brush its self is a simple black brush with plastic bristles. Its quite large but they also offer a smaller size for people who dislike such a large brush. I really like this brush. It glides easily though wet and dry hair and doesn't seem to break or damage my hair which I found to be a problem with the Tangle Teaser.

I think this is a great, inexpensive brush for a girl who just needs a simple brush to detangle and leave minimum damage. It's fast, effective and easy to use. I'd definitely recommend it. Do you have any other hairbrush recommendations? I'd love to know.

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