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House Haul: Ikea & TK Maxx

Saturday, 22 February 2014

I have lived in my flat for a year and a half but never bothered to really decorate it. Recently though I been becoming more invested in how my flat looks and I bought a couple of fun items to decorate the home and add a bit fun to the dull decor.

First item that I bought is this little tea light candle holder with my name on it in. It was only a couple of euro from TK Maxx. I think it looks simple and cute and adds a lovely glow to a room in the evening.

Next from TK Maxx is this make-up storage holder. It was only €9 and can fit a lot of items in it. I use it to hold some lipsticks and foundations. I really like these as they are so helpful in organising make-up and getting rid of clutter. 

Final TK Maxx item is a Kilner jar. I think these look lovely just on display on a counter top. I filled mine with all of the random buttons I have (I don't know why I have so many buttons) and I think it looks really nice. 

I also took a trip to Ikea and pick up a few lets just say quirky items. First is this lamp that cost only €13. I have a few orange items in my bedroom and I thought this would go nicely on my bedside table. I really like it as its simple yet provides a pop of colour. 

The last purchase may be a controversial one. My boyfriend and I saw this in Ikea and thought it was hilariously adorable so we bought it. The picture was only €9 and the frame was €4.50.  I know its ridiculously kitsch but I think its fun and being in our twenties we might as well have a superfluous, silly "art".

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