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Review: Dove Style + Care Range

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Dove Style + Care Range has been getting some buzz online. After hearing the reviews I wanted to test them on my hair to see if it could work the wonders that they have on others.

Many of the glowing reviews of the Dove Style + Care range have been based on their dry shampoo. I love a good dry shampoo but I decided to try out two other products form this range instead, the Heat Protect Spray and the Frizz Free Cream Serum. Both products are priced at an affordable €5.99 and come in nice, sleek white packaging.

I'll also add that while testing these out I have cut my hair drastically. I had pretty long hair and now have gone for that omnipresent, shoulder length blogger hair style so I had an interesting perspective on whether these products work for different hair types.

Lets start with the Dove Style + Care Heat Protect Spray. This works like any other protect spray, simply spray on wet or dry hair before heat is used. It also claims to strengthen and nourish for soft, smooth hair. The product itself has no real strong scent, which I liked and has a good spray mechanism, an aspect of heat sprays that can't be overlooked. The spray did the job of protecting my hair but I didn't notice any added benefits. No extra shine or strength. However, I have yet to find a heat protect spray that really does anything extra to my hair so I was satisfied but not blown away by this product.

Now onto the Dove Style + Care Frizz Free Cream Serum. I was particularly excited about using this as I suffer from frizzy hair. Dove declares that this is a non-greasy formula that nourishes to help smooth frizz fly-aways and unruly hair, everything I am looking for. It is to be used on dry or damp hair. Also like the heat protect spray, it has no strong scent.

I must admit the first time I used this I used way too much. I had long hair  and I used two pumps as directed on the packaging on wet hair. When I put it in my hair I knew it was too much and it made my hair greasy. It is not the most easy serum to spread throughout your hair and a little goes a long way. I learned from my mistake though and continued to use it on both wet and dry hair. To my surprise it actually worked very well, especially when used before blow drying my hair. it definitively made my hair smoother and virtually frizz-free to my delight. Although I wouldn't advise it for finer hair as it is a heavy serum and may weight down hair.

The Dove Style + Care range aren't life changing hair products but they do the job. In my opinion for the price and results you can't really go wrong. Have you tried this range or any other good affordable hair care products? Please let me know your opinions!

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