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Review: Sanctuary Ultimate Moisture Trio

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Most body butters and creams tend to verge on the sweeter side of scents. Sanctuary offer an amazing selection go lovely smelling body products that offer a more sophisticated scent for a surprisingly affordable price.

The set comes with three lovely smelling body products. The Mande Lular Body Souffle, the orginal body butter and my favourite the Cocooning Body Butter. All three smell lovely and sophisticated. They are not sweet smells but rather adult, fresh floral scents and offer great moisture while not leaving your skin feeling sticky.

The set is very affordable also at €21. It is a the perfect gift for someone in my opinion especially a mum. Although I love the sweet, fruity scents of say The Body Shop, this was a welcome change to my body care collection that is well worth the price.

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