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Review: Maybelline The Falsies

Thursday, 20 March 2014

I was once a Maybelline mascara obsessive. From The Rocket to The Colossal, I've tried a lot of the brands offerings and really liked them. However, my love sort of fizzled out and I moved onto Max Factor as my brand of choice. I decided to try and reinvigorate my love for Maybelline mascaras by testing out a mascara that is a favourite to many a beauty blogger, Maybelline The Falsies.

The mascara comes in the same tube as pretty much all of Maybellines mascaras. However, I dislike the colour and style of The Falsies as I think the purple with black lace is a little tacky. It has what Maybelline describes as a "spoon brush" that shapes to the lashes that is intended to give perfectly curled and thickened lashes. The wand also bends to get right into the root of the lash.

The mascara did give me nice, curled plump lashes, which I loved. it was easy to apply numerous coats and didn't look too clumpy. I actually really liked the wand as it coated every single lash with little effort. However, this mascara did have one downfall, it smudged under my eyes. I do have watery eyes so I am prone to some smudging but I found this mascara made it excessive which really bothered me. Perhaps, this was due to the fibre formula but I think smudging is always a turn off with mascara.

This was not a bad mascara in my opinion but I think I have just tried better. My Max factor False Lash Effect gives me equally nice lashes without the smudged eye look so in the mean time I'll be sticking with that.

Ever tried The Falsies? Or have any mascara recommendations? Let me know.

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