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Dior Skin Nude BB Creme

Thursday, 8 May 2014

It's that time of the year where heavy bases are being shunned for the lighter, more natural looking ones. Last summer I got my hands on the Dior Skin Nude BB Creme. I used it a lot during the summer months but then I quickly forgot about it coming into winter. Only now I am pulling it out of my collection and testing it out to see if this stuff is as good as I remember. 

Being a Dior product, it is quite pricey at €41, definitely on the luxury end of the scale. The packaging is something I just love as it comes in a squeezable tube with a pump on the end. It's light and perfect for travel but still looks like a high-end product and it has an SPF of 10

What I like best about this BB cream is how much coverage it gives yet still feeling light. Although, it doesn't offer ultra thick high coverage, it still does a great job a giving an even base. The effect it has is very brightening and verging on dewy without being shiny. I love the look it gives.

Although a beautiful base, I do have some issues with this product. Number one being the shade range. There are only three shaded offered, light, fair and medium. I have the lightest shade and it is still too dark for me and I have to do some major blending to make this work. In addition to the lack of shades, the colours are also very pink toned so it won't work on yellow toned skin.

Other than the rather appalling shade range, this is such a lovely bb cream. The coverage and how it makes my skin glow are just what I look for in a base. Maybe with a bit of a (fake) tan, this could be my summer base winner.

If anyone has any other suggestions for great bb creams, please let me know. I'd love to try some.

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