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Review: The Body Shop Baked-To-Last Blush in Petal

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Currently, I am on a bit of The Body Shop kick. Their blush range has some beautiful looking, peachy/pink spring tones that were calling my name. I decided to go for their Baked-To-Last Blush in the shade 01 Petal as the colour looked like a beaut. 

What drew me to this pink/peach colour is it is just the type of shade I am loving right now. However, the pretty colour distracted me from the price and when I was at the til I was shocked. At €22.95, this is a rather expensive blush. Also, although the colour looks pretty, the packaging is a bit meh... it is just a clear acrylic case that isn't what I would want on the top of my vanity. 

But the price and packaging would be forgivable if the blush was good, so is it? Sadly, no. Firstly, this is blush is so glittery. Rather than give a desired glow, it is just left large chunks of glitter on my face. Also, as you can see from my swatch, the colour is so sheer, it's almost non existent.

Overall, I am confused and disappointed with this blush. It's too sheer to be a blush but too glittery to be a highlight and considering the price, I was expecting an amazing high-end blush. If you are thinking of splashing out on one of these blushes, perhaps look elsewhere. I'd invest in a Bobbi Brown or Stila blush instead as they are similarly priced and much better.

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