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Review: Real Techniques Modern Natural Make-Up Kit

Saturday, 10 May 2014

One evening while perusing Instagram, one of the Pixiwoo girls posted the first images of their new Real Techniques palettes. I, being a big fan girl, immediately went to the Real Techniques website and purchased the Modern Natural Make-Up Kit and excitedly tested it out.

Real Techniques launched two separate palettes, the first, my purchase is the Modern Natural Make-Up Kit, which consists of beautiful neutral shades. The second palette named the Night Owl, has deep purples and blues, which although lovely looking, wasn't what I was looking for. The palette is also really affordable at only €18.05 (plus a couple of extra euros for shipping). However, they are limited edition and only available online through the Real Techniques website linked HERE.

For the price, the palette has a surprising amount to offer. Firstly, are three shimmery shadows and one matte. In addition, there is also a dark brown gel eyeliner, a peachy blush, a highlighter and two lip glosses, making it the perfect compact palette, offering pretty much everything a girl could need.  

Starting off with the shadows, this palette offers four neutral brown toned colours. All of the shadows are quite pigmented and the colours are all very pretty and wearable. I had no fall down when applying them and they were really easy blend; it's fair to say these are lovely quality shadows. However, they are quite dark which surprised me as this is called a natural palette. The cream eyeliner is a nice warm brown shade that gave really nice definition to the eyes. For me, I probably wouldn't get much use out of the shades day to day but for an evening look, I think it's beautiful. 

The powder blush is a lovely subtle peachy pink which I really liked as the colour is right up my street. The highlighter is perhaps the least impressive part of the palette. It is a cream highlight that is a gold, champagne tone which looked lovely when I swatched it but on the face it was a little too subtle for me.

The two glosses came in a pink, nude shade and a gold shade and had a lovely vanilla scent. Again, they were quite subtle and didn't have a lot of colour. As a girl who doesn't usually wear gloss, I actually liked the formula though as it wasn't sticky and offered a nice shine to the lips. 

Consequently, some of the products I liked and others not so much but I think that is to be expected with the amount that is on offer. Added to this the darkness of the eye shadow shades, I don't think for my pale skin this is a "natural" palette. For the price and the overall quality of this palette however, I think it's a worth while purchase. For a weekend away or for a night out, it's an all inclusive palette that has generally everything a girl needs. I'd recommend this to girls looking for something that removes the fuss of make-up or anyone who just wants to add another palette to their ever expanding collection!

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