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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

In the excitement of new purchases, some products just get lost in the mix. With the ridiculous build of of unused products in my collect I decided that instead of buying the new it product, I would instead shop my stash and see if there was anything in there that tickled my fancy!

The first of my picks is the Bourjois Happy Light foundation. I bought this right after it initially was released and the blogging world was holding it in high regard. However, I was unimpressed due to the terrible shade range and not really liking the coverage but coming into summer I am beginning to crack open the fake tan so I have decided to give this another try to see if I can make it work. 

The Elf blushes are great, inexpensive blushes and I have four shades. However, I never use them. I always turn a blind eye in favour for cream blushes or a more luxury option but no more. These lovely shades are getting thrown into my make-up mix from now on. 

The Ren No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm is a product I pulled out as it is just taking up room in my drawer. I purchased it a while ago and liked it but other cleanser distracted me. There are only a few uses left in this tube so why not finally use them up and clear some space for whatever comes next?!

Finally are the Revlon Just Kissable Balm Stains. I have amounted quite the collection of these crayon lip things but I kind of got bored of this beauty trend and moved on to other things. After a much needed break I can now appreciate  how lovely of a product these really are and go back to regularly throwing them into my handbag on the go.

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