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Revlon Parfumerie

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Revlon released a new range of nail polishes but these ones have a little bit of a twist. Named Revlon Parfumerie, these are scented nail polishes with each shade having an individual scent. While I am a lover of Revlon nail polishes and the shade range in this collection is beautiful, I must admit I was a little hesitant to try these out as they seemed a like a bit of a gimmick. But do these nail polishes really smell good or is it all just a silly ploy?

I picked up two shades of the polishes at just under €6 each. The first a beautiful, vibrant hot pink with the scent of Afircan Tea Rose. The second is a colour I think will look great coming in winter. It's a deep red hue aptly named and scented Bordeux. I must admit I love the look of the bottle and these shades. They are fun and sophisticated while also being really affordable.

When testing these out I realised they don't have a scent when applying them. They do apply really lovely though and with two coats they were perfectly opaque. I found they dried super fast also. Within a matter of minutes they were dry and then the scent started to come out.

Surprisingly the scent is really strong and sticks around for a while but I must admit I found it a bit hit and miss. Although I loved the bright pink shade of African Tea Rose, the scent wasn't for me. It was very floral verging on potpourri which isn't something I particularly like. Bordeux however, was a little more up my street. It was a sweet berry scent almost like wine gum sweets.

I must admit I love the shade range in this collection but I am not wholly won over about the scents. They are quite strong and linger for a while. I found myself wishing that Revlon had left out the perfume and just made these amazing shades with regular polish. It's a fun idea but do I want to be eating a burger and smelling a bouquet of flowers? No...

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