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Cateye Girl: Pixi Lash Line Ink Eyeliner

Thursday, 17 July 2014

pixi lash line ink eyeliner
The brand Pixi has developed somewhat of a cult following with numerous bloggers praising some of the brands offerings. One product that has gained an abundance of positive, glowing reviews is the Pixi Lash Line Ink Eyeliner. But is all that blog love justified?

After reading all that this liner has to offer its seems obvious why so many bloggers love the stuff. Pixi claim it is a waterproof eyeliner that doesn't feather and is quick drying which sounds pretty amazing to me. The eyeliner also has a flexible precision tip that aims to be easy to apply while being super smooth and comes in only one shade named Black Silk. It's also free from any parabens, sulfates and other scary sounding chemicals.

With all those promises I was eagerly anticipating using this eyeliner. Wanting to give it a good test, I applied it on a balmy Saturday morning with the aim of wearing it all day. I walked to get coffee in town, did a little shopping and met my BF's parents for dinner. After this long day I went to my magnifying mirror to assess how well this stuff handled a challenging day. Amazingly, it held strong. Eyeliner usually doesn't last very long on me but it still looked relatively in tact. There was some slight fading and smudging but compared to eyeliners I've previously used it certainly.

Despite my shakey cateye, I really like this eyeliner. Usually liquid liner fades on me after a couple of hours but this lasted all day. At €16, its relatively affordable for such a great buy. Now if I could just get my flicks even I'd have the perfect winged eyeliner look!