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Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray

Thursday, 3 July 2014

charles worthington volume and texturising spray

Familiar story? You go up to the register in Boots and they tell you they have 3 for 2 and you can pick another product. So look around to the angry queue behind you and dash down the isles and impulse buy a random product you think looks half decent. Welp, that happened to me and I grabbed this product, the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray and tested it out to see if I wasted my free purchase or made a wise choice.

Now I must admit this product isn't necessarily aimed at my hair type. I naturally have quite thick, voluminous hair so adding something on top to make it bigger isn't usually my top priority. After washing, drying and styling my hair I put a few sprays at the roots to see what it would do and oh my! My hair was huge. In fact, it was verging on ridiculously too big so I gave it a brush through and thought maybe this isn't for me.

However I decided not to give up and tried it on 2 and 3 day hair as my hair usually loses its natural volume after a few days. So again I sprayed it into my roots (sparingly), gave my hair a tousle and surprisingly it looked really good. It had a nice natural volume to it while also making my hair look shiny and fresh. The spray also felt very light weight. I could feel it in my hair but it wasn't sticky or irritating so I was happy to spray it in.

At €8.99 this volume spray is a bargain for how well it works. Although  I may not have been the target customer, I made it work and I could see girls with thin, limp hair fawning for this stuff as it adds amazing volume and texture while being very light. Who knew sometimes those impulse Boots buys lead to great affordable finds?