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June Favourites

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

june favourites

It's been surprisingly sunny and bright here in Dublin and I think this favourites definitively reflect the weather. From faking a tan to golden eyeshadows, here are what I consider to be the cream of the crop for the month of June.

real techniques modern natural palette

Real Techniques Modern Natural Make-Up Kit - €18

I reviewed this palette when it first came out and had a mixed reaction to it but overall I think the shadows are great quality. The real star is the eye shadow named Gold Metal. This is a gorgeous, shimmery, velvet gold hue that just looks amazing all over the eyes. For an evening out this is the perfect summery gold colour to wear with a tan. What makes this shadow so impressive is that you don't need to put a lot of effort in to make it look great, just pack it on the lid, blend and it looks perfection.

garneir  skin naturals summer body light moisturiser

Garnier Body Summer Body Moisturising Lotion Sun-Kissed Look - €9.99

Sweetly enough this was one of the first products I ever reviewed on my blog. So this will be a throw back to the 7 people who read that post! I used this Garnier gradual tanner all summer last year and loved it. It gives a subtle glow and is so easy to use. I just throw it on after getting out of the shower and it moisturises too. Perfect for a lazy girl like me.

sure maximum protection

Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant in Clean Fresh - €5.69

I said this months favourites was influenced by the hot weather so what's more of a summer product than anti-perspirant. I have used the Sure Maximum Protection for a while now and I think it is one of the best out there even my boyfriend uses this stuff and he's a stinky man so you know it must be working!

mac patisserie

Mac Patisserie - €19

Oh Mac Patisserie, why did I not buy you sooner? I bought and reviewed this lipstick earlier this month and loved it. It shot right to the top of my list of favourite nude lipsticks. The colour is a gorgeous peachy, pink with a slight sheen. It's not drying, t can be worn day and night and it's just a beaut.

revlon brow fantasy

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown - €9.69

This was a late discovery for me last month and I think it's such a great, affordable brow product. The pencil is great but its the gel that is the real winner for me. I can simply brush it through my brow quickly, its gives a nice tint ad the colour is just perfect. Not at all too red or too dark. It's a great affordable brow product.