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Just in Time for Summer: Soap And Glory Sunshield Superfluid

Saturday, 5 July 2014

soap and glory sunshield superfulid

Even in the not so glamorous Irish summers a girl needs to get her sun protection on. With a plethora of thick, oily sunscreens in my collection that don't seem to do the job, I've turned to Soap and Glory. Their latest offering, Sunshield Superfluid claims to be ultra light-weight formula that gives the protection needed. 

I have to say this stuff rocks and here is why:
  • It's so light weight on the skin. I slap it on in the morning, wait a few minutes and I can apply my make-up without fear of it making my face greasy or messing with my make-up
  • The texture feels like water so I know it won't be heavy, clog my pores, or break me out
  • The packaging is really easy. It's light, simple and can be just thrown in your bag for top ups through the day
  • The formula also mattifies the skin so on those extra hot days it offers sun protection and helps stop an oily sweat from breaking through
  • And it's an SPF of 50. You want something high in the summer months and this stuff delivers that perfectly
Generally, it is just a great buy that I can't recommend enough for the summer months. In Boots it's priced at around €18 but on their website I see it for only €4.49, making it an absolute steal! I'd go grab this one quick ladies before the sun disappears!