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Rediscovering Soap & Glory

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

rediscovering soap and glory
A while back I discovered Soap & Glory and pretty much became obsessed. Everything smelt so delicious that every time I used one of their products it seemed like such as affordable treat. However, other brands began to catch my eye and I soon forgot about their bath and body products. That is until I walked past their stand, had a sniff and realised what I had been missing.

I bought two of my old Soap and Glory favourites. The first being Clean On Me which is a product I feel is the typical Soap & Glory offering. It's got that signature Soap & Glory-esq scent that just smells so good. This massive bottle lasts for ages and with a handy pump it dispenses the perfect amount to clean with. It's moisturizing and at €8.99, it's not too pricey for such a large amount and delicious smell.

soap and glory flake away

My other throw back purchase is the Flake Away scrub which also smells divine. The scent is quite similar to Clean On Me but is a bit more fruity. At €10.50, its a great price to pay for such as great scrub. I use it in the shower to remove pesky fake tan while also preparing my skin for the next application. The beads are quite small and non abrasive but still manage to get rid of any dry skin patches and properly scrub my skin.

Rediscovering some old Soap & Glory favourites has been really lovely. I'm thinking of revisiting their body moisturisers next, but which one to choose?