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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

zara sandals

So, it is sale season and Zara is no exception. They have a TON of items on sale. The whole store was actually kind of a mess with women furiously rummaging through a plethora of items splayed all over the place. I must admit I am not the best sales shopper but while riffling through a pile of random jumpers, shirts and dresses I spotted his pair of shoes and even better they were in my size!

zara sandals

These block heel, black, faux suede sandals were reduced from €39.99 to €29.99. Not the most massive reduction but I think they are still a good deal. I love the look as they are sleek and can be worn with most outfits throughout the summer months. The heel also isn't ridiculously high so I'm not going to tip over whenever there is a slight gust of wind.

However they aren't the most comfortable shoes to walk in. I wondered down to my local Indian restaurant and took about 150 steps and had enough! These shoes are definitively not the "lets go out and dance all night shoe" rather they are the "lets just sit down on this comfy chair and admire my feet" kinda shoe.

So if you like these shoes and are feeling lucky, stroll into Zara and you might find one of the last remaining pairs of these beauts but be warned you will have to rummage!