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Zoeva Vegan Prime Make-Up Brush Set

Saturday, 2 August 2014

zoeva vegan prime set

After a very exciting purchase online, look what finally arrived on my doorstep! I've longed after Zoeva brushes for a couple of months as they seem to have being building amazing traction in the beauty community and getting amazing reviews. So I'm happy to report these don't disappoint.

zoeva vegan prime set

zoeva vegan prime set

Zoeva have a wide range of brush sets that all look amazing. I personally chose the Vegan Prime Set. You may be asking why didn't I go for the ubiquitous beauty blogger favourite that is the Rose Golden Luxury Set. Well, I happen to be just about the only blogger that doesn't like rose gold so I thought I'd try the Vegan Prime Set instead. This set contains 10 brushes overall with five being for the face and 5 for the eyes and they are all obviously vegan (hence the name) with synthetic bristles which I am a big fan of.

Now I'm not going to review each brush individually but I can say the collection itself is really impressive. Soft, easy to use, no shedding and just generally great quality. The stand outs to me are definitively the face brushes with 104 Buffer and 110 Face Shape being my personal favourites for applying bases. I have to admit some of the brushes I'd be hard pushed to find a use for them regularly but nothing in this set really disappoints in regards to quality.

The Vegan Prime Set is available for €68 plus shipping which is quite the deal for 10 brushes that are this lovely. They rival the bigger more expensive brands in my opinion but at a fraction of the price. I recommend any make-up junkie or just someone dipping their toe in the make-up waters get a set of these brushes as I am smitten and I'm sure you will be too.