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Battle of the Mono Eyeshadows: L'Oreal vs. Maybelline

Thursday, 11 September 2014

L'oreal color riche mono eyeshadow maybelline color show mono eyeshadow

You may have noticed that recently I have been singing the praises of the L'Oreal ColorRiche Mono Eyeshadows. I noticed that Maybelline had released their own version of these mono eyeshadows called the ColorShow Eyeshadows and was curious to see how comparable these two actually were. So I've put these two eyeshadows to the test to see which one comes out on top.


First thing I'm going to compare is packaging. I like that both brands went for a minimal look with the L'Oreal eyeshadows being gold and the Maybelline being silver. They are both plastic and quite compact . However, the L'Oreal ones are quite fickle. I found that the eye shadow came loose and broke up in the packaging a little too easy. I'm giving this one to Maybelline as it seems more stable and less messy.


I was really impressed with L'Oreal's shade range when they released their mono eye shadows. They have some lovely muted tones, some smokey browns and some metallics. They also had some seriously shimmery shades and some that were more matte. I was so impressed with the range I bought four. The Maybelline counterpart was less impressive. Some of the shades were less wearable or they just didn't look too appealing. I only bought one shade called Lustrous Beige, a champagne shade, which although lovely just wasn't as enticing as the L'Oreal offering.


Both eye shadows are pigmented and blend easily on the eyelids and I loved the look both gave. However, the L'Oreal is much more creamy and soft in texture compared to the Maybelline. It just seems to be easier to blend as a few swipes and you are done. The Maybelline was just a less soft texture and looked a little less impressive on the lid.

I'm giving this to the L'Oreal ColorRiche Eye Shadows. Although the Maybelline ColorShow was a fine affordable eye shadow, the L'Oreal was just better. They are some of the best eye shadows available on the high-street and I suggest grabbing some of these if you are looking for an amazing yet affordable eye shadow.

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