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Hand Salvation Courtesy of The Body Shop

Thursday, 30 October 2014

the body shop shea handcream

The weather has most certainly turned and unfortunately my hands are feeling it the worst. They are dry and in need of some serious nourishment which comes courtesy of The Body Shop's Shea Handcream.

When it comes to moisturizing body creams and butters I think The Body Shop comes out on top. They nourish and smell oh so good! And this one is no exception so to save my hands I decided to try their hand cream in Shea.

This also has that amazing scent. Once I apply it to my hands I can't stop sniffing them. The formula packs in so much moisture even though it feels really light on the hands. It's a cross between a cream and gel formula so once applied it doesn't feel stick and heavy on the hands. I love also that it soaks in really fast so there is no greasy hands that leave you unable to touch anything.

To me this is handcream is what The Body Shop does best. it relives my chapped hands and I can throw it in my bag and use it all day with so much ease. Being The Body Shop this handcream is also really affordable at €5.95. It's a must have cold weather staple.

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