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The Lip Gloss for Lip Gloss Naysayers

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Lipgloss and I have never really seen eye to eye. I remember as a teen slapping it on and my hair getting stuck and it only lasting a short time. So since I've generally tried to avoid it, only buying one rarely and still not warming up to their formulas. Having said that, this new Maybelline launch called the Color Sensational Elixir Lip may have shown me a new, more inviting side of lip gloss.

So what makes this lip gloss different from the rest? It's just surprisingly lovely. The formula is more of a lip gloss/ lipstick hybrid so you get a vibrant pop of color but also a lovely glossy texture that looks lovely. It doesn't have an annoying sticky consistency that so many glosses have instead it's smooth, easy to wear and just glides on without any stickiness. I think the wand is ideal for application as it's just easy to put on the gloss and it doesn't overload with product. 

The color is beautiful also as I went for a slightly out of my comfort zone pink hue called Hibiscus Haven, which is pigmented and just perfect on the lips. The rest of the range has some gorgeous reds and nudes also which looked equally impressive. And finally, the scent is just delicious. It's vanilla goodness in a tube. 

The downside was probably longevity. The formula doesn't last long on my lips and I had to reapply continuously. It's just one of those products that leaves a ring on your coffee cup. However, this wasn't enough to fully turn me off. I think if you love or even hate lip gloss, you should try these out as they are easy to throw on and wear without the annoying stickiness of other glosses. 

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