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An Outfit Fit for a Ball

Thursday, 6 November 2014

I'm a little lost. I have been invited to a fancy ball and to be honest... I have no idea what to wear. I am not really a dress wearer (darn you Topshop Joni jeans for being so comfy!) and I haven't been to an event like this in years. So I decided to peruse ASOS and see if anything caught my eye and make a post out of it to get some much needed feedback!

Luckily this ball isn't too fancy of an affair as shorter dresses are allowed. I decided to play it safe by just going for a simple black shift dress that I know will look classic and I will be able to wear again. This ASOS Sleeveless Shift Dress with High Neck (€45.50) is exactly the kind of look I was going for and the colar gives it a cool, mod-ish twist. 

Next for shoes these New Look School Black Gold Lock Heeled Sandals (€35.53) ones seemed to be my style. I love the gold detail, simplistic style and the chunky heel. I'm sure they will be a pain to walk in but hey, they look cute. Continuing the gold accents with this clutch bag which I adore! It's the ASOS V Bar Clutch Bag (€19.99) and it's just lovely and with the shoes, I think they make a stylish pair.

As I'm going so simple with the dress, I need to pile on the accessories. I just bought myself an ear cuff from Etsy (which you will be seeing on the blog soon) and I will be wearing that but I wanted something stylish but with a twist for my other jewelry bits. These ASOS Leaf and Rose Ring Pack (€11.37) are a little different from the norm and when paired with this simple Whistles Hammered Metal Cord Bangle (€28.44), I think the outfit should come together.

And finally a red lip is essential and this Nars Audicious Lipstick in Lana (€34.12) should do the trick. So what do you think? Fit for a ball?

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