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Buh-Bye Bushy Eyebrows - Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers

Sunday, 30 November 2014

tweezerman mini slant tweezer

Can I admit something? No judgement okay! I am terrible at looking after my eyebrows. I pretty much do the minimum and hope they look good. But I have decided to change my ways. The first step was to buy myself a fancy new pair of tweezers and the Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer looked cute enough to do the trick.

Now I think it's pretty obvious why I bought these tweezers. I mean they are mint green = adorable. And they are mini = double adorable! Cuteness aside though Tweezerman are known to be the best tweezer brand out there so looks aren't the only factor in my decision (but come on, so cute!).

These tweezers are just as great as I expected. They are sharp, easy to use and they get the job done. They expertly get at the tiniest of hairs and make eyebrow care really hassle free. I also used mine for applying false lashes and they worked like a charm. I expected that these might be a little awkward to use as they are mini but they really weren't. They don't feel flimsy or finicky in my hand at all. I am so impressed.

It's a glowing review from me as these tweezers proved that they were worth all the fuss. I got mine from Feel Unique for €16.25 and I am really happy with buying them. Tweezer newbies these are the ones for you.

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