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Green Jumper. Ripped Jeans. Oh Yeah.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

topshop joni jeans h and m green jumper
asos airtime chelsea boots topshop cross body bag

It seems like ripped jeans are sticking around for winter and I for one am happy about that. To add to my glee is the fact that I have found the perfect winter jumper and luckily both of them look pretty darn hot together!

The jeans are of course from Topshop. No one does jeans better in my opinion. I wear the petite Joni as I am on the shorter side and they fit really well. They don't lose their shape and are super skinny, just how I like them. My jumper is this gorgeous piney, emerald green from H & M. It's fuzzy, warm, super oversized and surprisingly great quality for less than €20.

On my feet I'm wearing my Airtime Chelsea Ankle Boots (€57.14). They are really casual and perfect for everyday walking while still retaining a cool look. Finally my bag is from Topshop and is called the Smart Cross Body Bag. I got this during the summer and have been using it ever since. It's small and easy to carry but also fits a fair amount of unnecessary junk in it.

I just can't get enough of wearing this jumper/jean combo and with the edition of the chelsea boots it's effortless but still looks cool. It's my official favourite winter outfit.

P.S. Sorry to my bf Dave for getting snarkey when taking the pics. It was all in aid of getting a pretty shot so it’s worth it, right...?

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