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L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

L'Oreal True Match Foundation [€14.99] is a product that seems to just keep building momentum. It started off with a few bloggers talking it up but the acclaim for this stuff seems to have spread and I just couldn't ignore it any longer! I snapped it up in hopes that the high praise was well deserved.

Lets start with aesthetics, shall we? The bottle for me is everything you could wish for when buying a foundation. It looks really quite nice and actually rather high-end feeling for an budget foundation. It has a sleek glass bottle that is sophisticated while not being too heavy or bulky. It's got the oh-so coveted pump that makes applying it so much easier. And it looks good on my dressing table. So far so good, eh?

The formula is really lovely also. It's medium, build-able coverage that conceals a multitude of sins. The foundation aims to "improve the appearance of skin quality" according to L'Oreal and I found it really did. It just blended in so effortlessly, didn't look too cakey and made my skin look rather flawless. It's also not the most glowy of foundation. Instead it's satin verging on matte which isn't my usual choice but this somehow manages not to look too flat on the skin. It's non-greasy so oily girls you are covered and my dryer skin seemed to be happy with it too.

The only downside was picking my colour. These are not marked in your traditional 01= Super pale, 02 = Fair sort of thing. Instead L'Oreal seem to be trying to match MAC by creating colours for cool, warm and neutral skin-tones. In theory this sounds great. In actuality... its so confusing. I just found myself randomly picking a pale looking shade called C2 Rose Vanilla in all of the bewilderment, which of course is too dark for me day to day but when I fake tan it should suit nicely. Just be warned that you will be left scratching your head when choosing a shade.

As you can probably tell this foundation is a real winner for me. It's not one I'd wear day to day, rather something I'd wear for a flawless base on a night out. If you are in the market for just a great all round foundation to make you look pretty darn perfect, go for this stuff. It's worth all of the fuss.

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