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Mascara Dud - Max Factor Masterpiece Transform

Thursday, 27 November 2014

max factor masterpiece transform mascara

Max Factor mascaras are some of the best available on the high street. False Lash Effect is a classic in my books. But I guess you can't win them all and sadly this is one of those times as I tried the Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara and it was just a bit of a dud.

Let's not jump straight into the negatives as that seems a little cruel. I mean, it has really gorgeous packaging. That's something, right? All fancy with the black and gold. It's also was quite affordable at €13.99 and I even got it on a 3 for 2 sale so quite a nice deal.

Sadly this is where the positives end as I straight up did not like this stuff. It claims to be a "High impact volumising mascara" and it just isn't. I have rubbish lashes and this just did nothing for them. Instead it just made them look short and stumpy instead of full and fluttery. It also isn't a mascara that you can build up well. A few coats and my lashes just looked clumped together and spidery. I think the wand was my real gripe. I was expected a huge bristle brush but instead it's a small, thin, spiked plastic wand that isn't what I associate with volumised lashes. It just didn't work.

This mascara just wasn't for me. From the moment I put it on my lashes I knew it was just not my kind of thing. If you have naturally fabulous lashes maybe you'll like it but for the rest of us, I say go elsewhere.

Tried this mascara? What did you think?

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