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Max Factor Excess Shimmer

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

max factor excess shimmer

Max Factor have thrown themselves into the cream eyeshadow game with their new launch called the Excess Shimmer Pots. A lot of bloggers have taken notice and the reception has been mixed so I couldn't help but try them out for myself.

The range has six colours and I choose Copper, a muted taupe brown. I also contemplated buying the darker brown shade called Bronze, but after swatching it I thought it was a little too orange toned for my liking. They are also really affordable at €9.99 so perfect for all you budget buy lovers.

I applied Copper with a brush and it has a mousse-like texture more so than a cream. I wasn't really a fan of the texture as it was a little too wet and messy when applying. The colour also was a bit of a dud. It was just lacking any sort of pigmentation. When I applied it, it was just glitter on my lids and no real colour to be seen. The glitter wasn't really my cup of tea either. I know they are called "Excess Shimmer" so glitter should be expected but this just wasn't nice on my lids. It was multi-coloured, chunky and just meh..

I'm just not chuffed out these. I think there are just better cream shadows out there at an affordable price such as the Maybelline ColorTattoo and there are better shimmery eyeshadows such as the L'Oreal ColorRiche Mono Shadows. They both rock! And this just doesn't...

Have you tried these? Let me what you thought.

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