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The Impulse Buy That Delivered - Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I had no intention of buying Hydraluron Moisture Jelly in Boots. In fact I only wanted some shower gel! But foolish me as it was on special offer and somehow it ended up in my bag and well... here we are.

I have to say considering this was an impulse buy I didn't get to do my usual meticulous research about this stuff. I don't remember hearing much about it when it was launched a few months ago and it certainly didn't get the same hullabaloo that the original Hydraluron serum received. But sometimes it's nice to try things blindly. 

What first grabbed me (apart from the €10 off deal) was the packaging. You push it down and a perfect pea sized amount oozes out of the top. It's just sexy and I think I get far too much enjoyment out of using it. It is recommend for all skin types and to be used in both day and night. I can see how it would suit most people as it's very light weight yet hydrating. I really liked the texture as it seemed to melt into my skin immediately without being greasy. It's the kind of moisturiser that works really well under make-up as it soaks in so fast. My only bugaboo is the price as it  might be a bit much to put some people off. Right now you can get it for €19.99 but it is usually €29.99 which is rather steep for most people. 

The consensus: I actually quite liked this moisturiser as it seemed to do quite a good job at nourishing my skin. I do think it is more of a day time one though as the lightweight isn't quite enough for me in the evening when I really want to feed my skin. The normal price also might turn me off a repurchase but overall I'm pretty happy with this stuff. Thanks Boots for making it so irresistible!  

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