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Mastering Falsies - Individual False Lashes by Tanya Burr

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Individual False Lashes by Tanya Burr

I love watching YouTube videos but I feel like I'm a little too old for the fangirl side of things. So when a YouTuber releases a make-up item I don't generally rush out to buy it. Having said that when I saw these lashes from Tanya Burr and the great reviews they were getting I got lured in and just had to buy them.

These lashes are available from Feel Unique and are really affordable at €7.14. There is three lengths of lashes in the packet short, medium and long and some lash glue. I personally don't see myself using the long lashes as I just don't think I pull off that look but the short and medium look very wearable and something a girl like me would feel comfortable wearing.

Let me declare that I have never had a good relationship with false lashes. I suck at applying them and only have ever used strip lashes before and generally failed miserably at getting them on so I wasn't expecting these to be easy to apply. To my surprise these actually weren't that difficult to apply. I'd be lying if I said they went on easily and I got them perfectly right but they certainly weren't as finicky as I assumed individual lashes to be. Using my tweezers, I put three of the short lashes on each lid and they really looked great once I applied them right. Not too long but still giving me some volume and that fluttery lash look. It was a perfect naturally full look.

Even though I'm still a lash noob these tuned out really well and gave my lashes a real oomph. For the price these are really comfortable to wear and look great. I don't think I will be cracking them out everyday but with a bit of practice I will be rocking these lashes on a night out.

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