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Highlighting Some Amazing Highlighters

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Highlighters to me are possibly the most frivolous make-up item but oh do I love them! They just make a make-up look that little more special and give a gorgeous glow to the skin. In my time I've come across some awesome (and not so awesome) highlighters that I rate pretty highly so let's have a chat about them.

One of my personal favourite forms of highlighters are liquid ones that perform double duty. They can be used as both a primer and illuminator for the skin under make-up as well as something to brighten the high points of the face. The master of this in my opinion is Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl. Oh boy is this stuff dreamy! Not only do you get a huge bottle, the formula is also amazing. It's really easy to blend into the skin and looks natural but it also has a gorgeous glow. The only downside is the price tag is it is around €40 and the fact that it is quite difficult to find in Ireland. But if you can find it snap it up. I love it.

Something along the same lines yet much, much more affordable is Seventeen's Wow 3 Way Highlighter. Cheap as chips at only €7.59, this is really similar to the Becca one just not as lux. It's a bit more pinkish and maybe not as special looking on the skin, but for the price and how easy it is to get your hands on, it's a worthy dupe.

Moving on to cream highlighters and it would be remiss of me not to mention Illasmqua's Gleam in Aurora. As you can see by the gigantic amount of pan showing the center I am quite fond of this stuff. It is so creamy and blendable that applying it is so simple. It also has an unbelievable pearly glow that I always reach for.

A more affordable cream is the No. 7 Instant Radiance Highlighter, which is an obvious dupe for Benefit's famous Watt's Up stick hightlighter. I bought this on a whim with one of those No. 7 vouchers and was shocked by how much I liked it. This is so glowy on the skin and looks really shimmery without being glittery. I use this one on nights out a lot or when travelling as it's s easy to slap on yet makes an impact.

I am not a huge powder highlighter fan. I guess I always just liked the look of creams on the skin but The Balm's highlighters get so many rave reviews I had to try one. This one is the Cindy-Lou Manizer and it's a little more pink toned than my other picks but lovely none the less. Although it's a powder, it is so shimmery and really packs a highlight punch. I'm a little obsessed with this one.

My final choice is a little different. It's not a highlighter per se, rather a highlighting concealer pen. I'm usually quite nonplussed about these types of products but this one sucked me in. It's the L'Oreal La Touche Magique Highlighting Concealer and it is great for brightening under the eyes as a concealer but also is perfect for highlighting the face. For a night out this is great to use on the high point of the face to just lift the face and make your skin look perfect.

As you can see I love my highlighters. I really can't get enough of them. I'm sure there are plenty other awesome ones out there that I am missing out on so let me know your favs below,

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