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The Do's & Don'ts of Make-up for Work/ School

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Everyday make-up that you can wear to work or college isn't as straight forward as you think. In fact, I found it really difficult to find the "perfect" work look. Wanting it to last all day but get it on as fast as possible is a tricky feet. However, over the last few months I've been slowly carving out a nice little work make-up routine that I am really liking and I've learned a few valuable tips along the way.

Skip the foundation - I know this might be a little controversial for some people but it is the best thing I've done! I found it really hard to find a foundation that would last all day and stay comfortable on my skin. Long lasting ones can be drying and heavy and spending 8 hours caked in uncomfortable make-up wasn't or me so I kicked foundation to the curb!

Instead I just use concealer where I need it and let the rest of my skin go bare. This way I can just reapply easily when I need it, there is no worrying if my foundation has gone patchy and I am comfortable through the day. It's freeing and dramatically reduces the length of my make-up routine in the morning.

Leave the experimenting for the weekend - Don't go into work on Monday morning experimenting with a new eyeliner or bright lipstick because if it fails you have no where to go! This happened to me when I first started my job. I tried a new fake tan on my face an it went so patchy and I didn't know! I got home and my boyfriend said "Did you do your make-up in the dark?" I looked like an idiot all day. Lesson learned!

Bring the essentials - I have a small makeup bag with a few products that I know will come in handy in case of an emergency or if I just want to freshen up my face. My bag has a concealer, blush, bronzer, blush brush and far too many lip products. I don't use them everyday but I like the security of them being there and available when I need them.

Go with what you know - If you usually wear liquid eyeliner and red lips everyday, then wear that. If you just go without then go with that. I'm a natural make-up lover and that's how I wear it to work and it makes me feel comfortable. So just go with what you know and you'll be comfortable with your work make-up look.

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