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A New Brush Holder

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Finding something to hold brushes can be a little tricky. Of course, there are candle holders and ornate glasses, which look lovely. But I wanted to go a little outside the box and find something different to store my growing collection of brushes. So when I came across this cute jug I thought it could do the trick.

It seems that I have a thing for kitchen items being used as makeup storage. I have another brush holder, which I love, that was intended to be used to hold utensils. So with this new holder I am carrying on the look. I bought this from Tiger and I think it’s meant to be a milk jug but it’s the perfect size for brushes. It’s a simple white design with an ornate square pattern at the bottom. Being from Tiger it was really inexpensive. Only a couple of euro. Even better it looks pretty on my desktop and you know, that is really the only thing that matters.

What do you use as a brush holder? I'd love some other inspiring ideas.

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