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Thursday, 5 February 2015

I love Pinterest. I love bloggers doing posts on their favourite pins. So I decided to put the two together and have a chat about what I am currently loving on Pinterest. There is a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff on display. From style to home pins, here is what has been making say "ooohhh that's pretty!"
emma and the beauty bog pinterest
As usual style wise I have been drawn to oversized jumpers, big scarves, black boots and gold jewellery. Dark greens have been my colour of choice recently and a big, warm, fluffly, green jumper is just such a cool slouchy look. I also have loved this look paired with a leather jacket. I actually have been searching for the perfect leather jacket for quite some time but I haven't found the right one  just yet so pinning some lovely ones has been giving me some hope that I'll find the right one.

Home wise, it's all about white spaces with a hint of orange. I really just love the simplicity of white with a splash of color and orange is such a contrast. I particularly like orange throws because I live in a small flat and I think it would be an easy way to add a little bit of orange without it being overwhelming.

Also I am a little obsessed with border terriers right now so I have been pinning them like crazy! You can check out my Pinterest if you want to see what else I have been pinning. Plus let me know what you are pinning now too. I'd love some inspiration.

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