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Stila - Eyes Are The Window Palette in Spirit

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Stila - Eyes Are The Window Palette in Spirit
Valentines this year was kind of big deal for me and my boyfriend. It so happens that Valentines is also our anniversary and we were celebrating our big 1-0! We’ve been together since school and usually we do very little on the actual day. No gifts or flamboyant plans. But for ten years we decided to get each other something. And I got something very special indeed – The Stila Eyes Are The Window Palette in Spirit.

Stila happens to be my personal favourite eyeshadow brand. I know most people would say Urban Decay but no! Stila is the bomb. I have a couple of their products including In the Know Palette which is just the perfect all matte palette. They are also reasonably affordable for a high-end brand. So when I saw that Stila launched the Eyes Are The Window Palette range I dropped some not so subtle hints for my boyfriend.

Stila - Eyes Are The Window Palette in Spirit
There are four different versions of this palette. I got Spirit which of course is packed with neutral shades. But the other three are equally gorgeous especially Soul (which I also might pick up). The majority of the shades are shimmery. There is only two mattes. One is a neutral brown, perfect for the crease and the other a matte cream highlight colour. Both being just my cup of tea. 

The shimmers are beyond stunning. So pigmented. So beautiful. And all really wearable. There is virtually no fall down and they blend so well. The four creamy, light shades on the left hand side are favourites of mine. They are shades I could reach for every day. Surprisingly though, my top pick shade-wise is the plummy, pinkish hue on the top right called “Pigalle”. Used sparingly it looks amazing on the lid on top of one of the cream shades or even blended into the crease.

I’d be remiss if I also didn’t mention the packaging. It’s a mix between rose, white and yellow gold and it may just be the prettiest palette in my collection.  In fact, it is the prettiest in my collection and I love it. It's jumped straight to the top of my list of favourite palettes. My boy done good!

Do you have any Stila Palettes? What do you think?

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