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What I've been Loving - January Edition

Sunday, 1 February 2015

What I've been Loving - January Edition
I'm not usually one for hating January but I am certainly happy to see this month end. After an unexpected job change, a freezing cold flat and general meh-ness, I'm welcoming February with open arms. Despite the chaos I did manage to find some great make-up that I have been smitten with throughout the month that I'd love to chat about.
What I've been Loving - January Edition
Perhaps the one saving grace of this month has been the fact that I have found my holy trinity of concealing. I've always struggled with concealing as I have very dark blue circles under my eyes. Although I use come pretty good concealers I just never found one that covers enough or looked the way I wanted it to... until now. I wrote a review earlier in the month about how much I love the Clarins Instant Concealer as it just looks amazing on the skin - here. It's luminous, it doesn't sit in fine lines and generally is just a delight to wear. However, it isn't the most heavy duty and didn't offer as much coverage as I wanted. 

Enter the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint. This is really thick, heavy and has the coverage I need although it also tends to look cakey on it's own. But when used sparingly and with the Clarins concealer on top it works wonders. I apply both using the Zoeva Concealer Buffer and it's just such an amazing brush for blending in concealer and making everything look natural. These three products together are makeup perfection. 

What I've been Loving - January Edition

Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome the Maybelline Colour Tattoos are? Well in fact lots of bloggers did but I just never felt enticed to try them. I was finally persuaded when I saw a special offer in Boots and now I am obsessed. I have two shades. The first being the ubiquitous On and On Bronze, a shimmery brown, and the second being one of the leather effects in Creamy Beige, a more muted brown. Both are gorgeous and perfect for day to day wear. You just slap them on, blend and go. What's not to love?

I also thought I would give a mention to Mac Patisserie. It's my all time favourite nude and I wear it without fail most days when I want a natural lip colour. It's not drying, looks lovely on the lips and is consistently in my handbag. It's a classic.

So that is it for January favourites. I hope you had a great January and let's hope February is a more fun month with equally amazing beauty finds. And let me know if you have tried any of these products. It's always fun to hear different opinions. 

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